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Reclining Head of Julia II – Frank Auerbach

A detail from Reclining Head of Julia II.  Courtesy Marlborough Fine Art, London. Photograph: Johansen Krause

 Unlike his close friend, the late Lucien Freud who who seemed to know and paint everyone in London  Auerbach has a limited number of sitters .   According to   the curator and historian Catherine Lampert  (one of his small number of  sitters) Auerbach paints in a deliberate and slow style.   The shortest time it has taken him to complete a work is about six months and the longest three years.  Below are the responses of three non art professionals to the compelling image ‘ The Reclining Head of Julia II’……………… Mary de Blacam
I like this painting because it’s not obvious what it is and it makes you work to decipher the image.  I see a persons head lying down. I think the artist was trying to tell the story of the person in the painting.  I get a small feeling of sadness, I can see sadness in the face of the subject of the painting.  – CB
I like this and the way the artist uses the brush strokes.  They are clean, sharp and to the point, but the image itself is being distorted.  You can see the main object but as your eyes follow the strokes your imagination is allowed to create what it wants. Emotional “no” but wouldd spend time looking at it – DB
I also really love this one.  It’s just very interesting to look at and to try and figure it all out.  It’s like a brain puzzle in the best possible way.  I am not sure what I see but i know I love it.  I don’t know what he is trying to get across but I just love it.  My inital emotional response was excitement.  It just seems like there was so much to find out about the piece the longer you looked at it – RG



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