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Blue Poles No. 11- Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock Blue Poles

Jackson Pollock Blue Poles Number 11

Jackson Pollock – Blue Poles No. 11

 Jackson Pollock was a leading figure in the abstract expressionism movement that was prevalent in New York in the 1940’s and 1950’s.  He was known for his unique and innovative drip style painting technique. 
I have asked four non art professionals to comment on one of his most famous works which is also one of my own favourites  “Blue Poles No 11”.  Pollock  commenced this canvas by splattering,  white, orange, yellow, and silver over the canvas.  He then used long pieces of wood with dark blue paint and applied them to the canvas creating the “poles”.   The splattered colours creates a base that emphasises the rythmic pattern of the  repetitative blue poles.  Below  are the observations of the four critics …………………….
……Mary de Blacam
I like this because it draws the eye in.  I see movement in this painting. It feels like the paint is actually moving and has a 3D feel to it.  This painting causes me intrigue and confusion – CB
I really like it.  It’s  dark and interesting.  I love the colours and he seems to have combined them in a way I find unusual and interesting. I see a frozen  forest floor or a deep dark oceanic bed. I don’t really know what he was trying to do.  In my opinion he is trying o create a sense or organised chaos like in nature.  The emotional response is a strange one.  The feeling I get when I look at it  is quite gloomy but then i realise it’s beautiful and it makes me think we can find beauty in strange places, which is ultimately optimistic but created from a strange place  – RG
Not sure if i like it or I dislike it.  I wouldn’t  known what the artist was trying to say, if it did not say in the title.  This painting may look nice on a blank wall, but screams confusion with scribbles! – DB
I like it because you feel like you can touch it and the colours are very vibrant.  I don’t know what the artist is trying to do.  It makes me think of  childhood and sweets.  It gives me a happy feeling – BM

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