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The Seasons – Lee Krasner

Lee Krasner

Lee Krasner

I  have always been a big fan of Lee Krasner’s work.  Her work was somewhat over shadowed by the gigantic presence of her husband the Abstract Expressionism artist Jackson Pollock.  When Pollock died in  1956, Krasner developed a series of  large-scale Abstract Expressionist paintings called the ”Earth Green” series.   These paintings demonstrated influences from both her husband  and also the New York based artist William de Kooning. 

The  most dramatic of these paintings in my opinion is  ”The Seasons”.   It is a 17 foot wide canvas illustrating erotic bulging shapes and leaves representing the renewal of life both human and in the natural world.  She uses a cerise pink against a background of black lines and fir tree green to mesmeric effect.  I have asked four non artists for their response to Lee Krasner’s painting ‘”The Seasons” their responses are detailed below……………..Mary de Blacam

I like this painting because it reminds me of growth and nature.  I see fruit and leaves and nature and life. I think the artist is trying to convey the cyclical process of nature. This painting makes me feel warmth and hope. – CB

Weird one I don’t like, but I don’t dislike?  Shapes and colours are interesting.  I don’t know what the artist trying to say,  I think she is letting you decide? – DB

I love this one, the colour and the movement in it are fantastic.  Every time I look at it i see something slightly  different or discover a deeper meaning.  It’s what art should be.  I see all sorts of organic shapes interacting with each other.  I see human faces, a fish, leaves and trees.  I  think it represents the intertwined co-existence  of humanity and nature. My initial emotional response was very positive.   It made me feel really good until i really studied it and then you can see some of the faces are slightly contorted so it make me wonder why? – RG

I like the image its quite primal. It looks like a lot of naked women bending over. I can’t find the words to describe the feelings it enduces – BM


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