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Seagram Painting – Mark Rothko

Rothko Mark Rothko Seagram Painting

The seven paintings of Mark Rothko’s “Seagram Murals” series were created by Rothko (1903-1970)  as a result of a commission to decorate one room of what was to be an exclusive restaurant named “The Four Seasons” in Manhattan’s Seagram Building.

The majority of the  Seagram works are  larger than earlier Rothko paintings, with many reaching 4.5m in width.   Each painting has a deep reddish brown base colour over which is painted a window frame-like form in red or black or a light orange. Some people might feel repelled by  these colours, finding it suggestive of dried blood. 

In an ironic twist, these Seagram Murals that opened up a new realm of Rothko’s art would never be hung in The Four Seasons restaurant after their completion. Rothko was disappointed with the atmosphere of the restaurant when he visited it for the first time after its opening and ended up breaking his commission contract.  Below are the reactions of four non art professionals to one of the dramatic Seagram Images……………………Mary de Blacam

I dislike this painting because I don’t understand what the artist is trying to say.  I only see a black on a maroon background, I can’t see another level to this painting. I have no idea what the artist is saying.  This painting evokes confusion in me as I find it hard to get a meaning behind this painting. – CB
I dislike this one its just a bit silly to me.  I dont see anything except a square inside a red background again I am not sure what he was trying to convey but whatever it was I don’t get it.  The emotional response is anger but I am not sure if that is my reaction to a bad painting or what the artist wanted me to feel – RG
Don’t like it, pissed off that this can be put under the heading of Art. When I look at it I see a box, or I could say a nice window frame. I wonder if the artist is saying to look outside the box, or maybe inside? Bullsh*t, I wonder how much this costs? – DB
I like it because the colours and the shope of it remind me of something. It’s visceral and I think the artist is painting his subconscious.- BM

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