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The study of three figures at the base of the cruisifixtion – Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion c.1944 Image from

Francis Bacon – Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixtion

I have always found this work by Francis Bacon to be simultaneously compelling and repelling.   It’s disturbing to look at yet you cannot take yours eyes off it.  Below are the reactions from three non art professionals to this work.   Bacon recalled that at the time he produced this work he was drinking heavily and that he painted the studies in an alcoholic haze.  He later stated that he believed that alcohol had loosened him up and contributed to this unbridled expressive style. 

This triptych illustrates three writhing figures, with their half human half ghoulish faces are  contorted with pain and agony , these figures are set against a background of  a visceral orange hugh.  This challenging, disturbing and original work marked a watershed in  British painting.  Despite its confrontational style this work has proved a favourite among the three critics below………….Mary de Blacam

Francis Bacon Studio – Hugh Lane Gallery
I like this painting because it intrigues me. I see dark disturbing images. I think the artist is trying to distress and to be provocative. This painting makes me feel fear and confusion. – CB
 An artist that is hard to like but also hard to dislike because of his “painting talent” o think about what the artist is thinking while painting is like walking down a dark alley. To try and figure out what the artist is feeling or thinking, also what he is trying to put across? Emotionally I feel nothing but disturbed and left with the thought of WHAT?  The only thing I can say is maybe the artist is trying to show the feelings/thoughts on the surface/outside of the subject at hand.  That’s why  the faces are distorted and twisted! DB
 This is actually my favorite one.  It’s called the Cruisifiction and I  find it genuinely scary but also totally compelling.  It’s like a child with advanced intellectual skills has woken up and painted their nightmares.  I see the monsters all twisted and not human, just pure dark imagination its the type of stuff I see in my own head.  I think he wants other people to see what’s going on inside his head. My emotional response was fear mixed with compulsion to know more about the monster and the man that painted them – RG

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