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Woman 1 – Willem de Kooning


Woman 1  –  Willem De Kooning

Before commencing this painting ‘Woman, 1’  De Kooning made  numerous preliminary studies, repainting this work repeatedly as a result this painting took an unusually long time to complete.

The ominous hulking figure seems to be suggestive of a  peculiar mix of an ancient fertility goddess and a contemporary pin-up girl.  Her threatening stare and scary grin are heightened by de Kooning’s  aggressive brushwork .   The artist  creates a female image  contradicting our perception of a woman’s traditional nurturing role ,substituting it with a creature of menace.   Below are the reactions of a non art professional to this work:

I find this painting quite disturbing.  I think that maybe the artist is trying to create a sense of confusion and chaos. I think what he is painting is obviously human but I think there are animal features also, this reminds me a little bit of imagery of the devil. The sharp brush strokes and angles also give a sense of unease. D de B


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