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Hughie Donoghue – Fiachra

untitledFiachra  – Hughie Donoghue

Below are the reactions and comments from a non art professional to this abstract composition entitled ‘Fiachra’.  This work is one of a series of fifteen paintings by Hughie Donoghue from his collection entitled ‘Gort Rua’.  These paintings are a interpretation the artist’s responses to the landscape of north Mayo.  

The Large black object seems to loom over this otherwise picturesque pastoral scene.
It looks to be a large tree casting an equally large shadow. This creates a very dark sombre mood due to the black colour over the blood red field.

Also, it seems to contrast very sharply with the beauty of the cottage and the green tree and field in the background. I think the artist might be trying to convey a feeling of dread or maybe referring to something terrible that happened in an otherwise peaceful place.   D de B


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