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As a practising artist I have always disagreed with the perception that Art is the domain of an eletist  culturally informed group.  The first form of human artistic expression were paintings carried out by our antecedents in primitive caves, these beautiful images were painted by hunter  gatherers documenting their daily rituals.

People frequently say to me: “Oh but I don’t know anything about art!” and when I ask them for a reaction to a painting sometimes my own, sometimes by other artists, I am often astonished by the intriguing and interesting responses I receive.  Frequently revealing an insight into my own work that I had not realised was there!

I have selected  images that I find compelling  and I have asked  non art professionals for their reaction to these images, their responses are documented in this blog

Included in this blog is a selection of my favourite artists that have inspired my work and my love of art.

There is also a section devoted to notifying readers of interesting events  and exhibitions taking place in Dublin….…… Mary de Blacam

Prehistoric Cave Paintings



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